August 20th, 2003

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Work put me in a grumpy mood yesterday; Kath bought Chicago and Bowling For Columbine on DVD, which put me in a better mood; we watched Bowling For Columbine and that put me in a very strange mood which even a Yankee win could not entirely get me out of. At least I finally saw it, though, and the nice thing about watching it on DVD for the first time is that you can pause it after any particular thought-provoking sequence and start talking about it immediately, which is a bonus. Also, it lets you get up for more beer, of which I had several, on an empty stomach, which pretty much sealed the deal in terms of not being in a good mood. My sunburned shoulders just started to peel, too, which is just loads of fun.

I need to get out of the house a bit more. Tonight Kath and I are gonna see our friend Devin do some standup and then grab some eats, and then tomorrow is that UCB/State re-enactment of "Pretty in Pink" which I'm very, very excited about. This is all good stuff because next week there are 2 Xbox games coming out which I want to get and I'm sure I'll be hermited away.

And there's also some wedding-related stuff that happened that was kinda wierd yesterday. Asking an old friend, who I haven't really talked to in a while, about possibly DJ-ing. I felt awkward about it - not about the friend in question, but the asking process itself. I would love the friend in question (the "FIQ") to DJ - well, I would love the FIQ to be at the wedding itself, and I would actually prefer that the FIQ not have to work, considering that I haven't really hung out and spent quality time with him in god knows how long. If you're reading this, FIQ, the awkwardness is ALL ME, dude, not you. It was a strange afternoon and I didn't quite know how to ask you without making it sound incredibly wierd. I'd be honored if you were there anyway, and it would be a great thrill to have you rockin' the boards for such a special day. That's what I should have said, because that's what I really mean.