September 30th, 2003


(no subject)

Rehearsal last night was cancelled near the last minute, due to illness; they're not sure when we'll rehearse again. Apparently, starting this weekend the rehearsal space will be completely ours for the next month, so I'm hoping we'll be taking advantage. I've been listening to the works-in-progress they made for me, and I'm jonesing to work them out - plus, I'm REALLY jonesing to starting playing with a drummer...

"Lost in Translation" is definitely happening tonight; very, very stoked. I think I saw that there's a new special edition of Fargo on DVD; might have to pick that up, too.

And, uh, yeah. I can't believe there's a playoff game this afternoon. Firstly, I still can't believe the season is already over; secondly, though, I'm super-annoyed that the only way I can keep up with the game this afternoon is with's gameday. My discman's radio won't work in my office, which SUCKS.