October 13th, 2003

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And now, a more substanstial (i.e., non-baseball-related) update.

1. My new all-time favorite show is BBC America's "The Office", which, if you haven't seen it, is basically like the first half of Office Space, but funnier, and from the boss's point of view. Truly insane stuff. The clip that sold me on this show is on the site, actually - Season 1, Episode 4. (Requires RealPlayer.)

2. The Indiana Jones DVD set comes out tomorrow; I'm freaking out.

3. Most of this weekend was spent drunk.

4. My nephews rule.

5. Kath rules, too.

Dinner tonight with my cousin, then rehearsal, so my Yankees-radio-mojo will be put on hold. Also, I can't get radio reception at work, so tomorrow's game might be jinxed as well, goddammit.
full life

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My stepbrother rules. He ripped me 7 LPs on an mp3 disc, which means that I'm currently listening to the new Shins album. I've also got:
  • Strung Out on Coldplay
  • Four Tet - Rounds
  • Kid Koala - Some of My Best Friends...
  • MF Doom - Is Viktor Vaughn
  • Rufus Wainright - Wanton
  • Tindersticks - Waiting for the Moon
  • Ween - Quebec

Thanks, Phofo!