November 4th, 2003

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Some random thoughts while I wait for the coffee to kick in:

So, yeah, the new Death Cab is really, really good. Possibly now my favorite DCfC album, actually, at least from a musical/production aesthetic standpoint. It reverberates in my head long after the headphones come off.

Yesterday, jmg77 mentioned that the new Dark Tower book comes out today; now I know what I'll be doing during lunch.

Don Mattingly is the new Yankees hitting coach. One has to wonder, if the Yankee bats sleep next postseason, how George would go about firing him.

I had no idea that the new Matrix movie comes out this week, which is why I was so surprised when Katharine said she bought us tickets to a Wednesday night showing. Can't be worse than the 2nd one... or can it?

Hopefully there'll be more later. I'm just too tired right now to come up with anything.
full life

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Favorite moments in music, #934:

Death Cab for Cutie, Transatlantacism -
"Death of an Interior Director" (track 9)
1:34 - 2:04

It's a pretty standard song, shuffling along, and then suddenly this shimmering bridge chimes in and just absolutely kills me.