December 5th, 2003

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  1. Sports Guy finally - FINALLY! - writes about baseball. FINALLY!!!

    "I'm a longtime member of SOSH, a den for diehards that weeds out weaker members and has 160-post threads on things like 'Does Casey Fossum's delivery point seem different to you?' and 'One Man's Thoughts on Nomar's Last 500 At-Bats, In Order.'"

  2. Speaking of "Finally!!!", I'm finally feeling more like a human being again and not the mutant psychosomatic beast I was earlier this week. At various points this week I was convinced I had oral cancer, mono, and a brain tumor. Now I just have a toothache. Yay! Can you tell I'm nervous about the dentist?

  3. This week, aside from being incredibly wierd, has also seen me make great personal strides in terms of restraint, both financially and non-. I have not bought any DVDs or videogames; neither have I drank any coffee nor smoked any weed.

  4. Two great photoshops: Fark's "Truth in Advertising"
  5. and SomethingAwful's "8-bit History".

  6. It is SNOWING.

  7. I still don't know what I'm doing for my birthday (28!?), but assuming I don't write again until Monday, enjoy the youngishness while it lasts.

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When I need a new Sports Guy column, I bypass Page2 and go right to the source. Unfortunately, that means that I almost missed the terrific Page2 art announcing his column, which is where I steal my new icon.

Luke was a pussy.