March 12th, 2004

full life

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1. Slowest. Day. Ever.

2. It probably isn't a good sign when you're looking forward to going to the dentist because it means you get out of work. Anyway, phase 1 of the "deep cleaning" went off without a hitch; phase 2 is on Monday.

3. As a post-dentist treat, I bought TV on the Radio and Franz Ferdinand. I was good friends with Tunde (TV's singer) back at NYU, but I never had any idea that he was that good of a singer. I didn't even know he COULD sing - he was a film major, and a brilliant one at that. I'm not that crazy about the music, though, which I guess makes me un-hip. I do like Franz, though - they're derivative but not annoyingly so.

4. Tonight: Starsky & Hutch, baby. I know it got lukewarm reviews, but I don't care. I've been waiting too goddamned long for it.

5. This weekend: recording, recording, recording. Gotta finish this piano piece before Sunday afternoon.