April 1st, 2004

full life

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1. I seem to have misplaced my copy of House of Leaves, or else I lent it to somebody and then completely forgot about it. Of all the books to go missing, there's something creepy about it being that particular one. I was all excited to have Kath start in on it, but alas...

2. So. David moved his computer and monitor speakers to the rehearsal space last weekend, and we finished rough drum tracks for 2 songs. Last night we decided to attempt to play along with them, to see how (a) they sounded and (b) if we could gig with them. The result was a resounding failure, and now we're as disappointed and disgruntled as we've ever been. We can still use the tracks for recording, though, and so it's not TOTALLY the end of the world. Our plan now is simply to finish 3 songs and put them up on the soon-to-be-redesigned webpage, and start looking for human beings again. In lighter news, however, our song "Narcolepsy" has made it all the way to #51 on garageband.com, which is as high as anything we've ever gotten.

3. I've just about had it with this weather. I can't take another mood swing again. I nearly called in sick this morning, I was so grumpy...

4. Courtesy of jongre, The Photoshop Zoo.

5. Thankfully, there haven't been that many AFD pranks online today. However, it is a shame that Homestar Runner lost their domain name.