April 15th, 2004

full life

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So Kath and I finally - FINALLY - saw "Eternal Sunshine" last night. Couple things: DAVID CROSS! Also, my boy Thomas Jay Ryan (of "Henry Fool" non-fame) with a tiny part! Awesome. Anyway, the movie. I absolutely loved it, even if it reminded me a great deal of my horrible mushroom experience. And even though Kate Winslet, in the opening scenes, looks almost EXACTLY like an ex-girlfriend of mine. Ultimately a sad film, but very enjoyable and definitely the kind of film I'll end up obsessing over when it comes out on DVD. I told Kath in the cab home that had Charlie Kaufman's films come out when I was still at NYU, as I was getting into David Foster Wallace and my then-bandmates would get really hyper-analytical about movies and books and everything, I'd never have gotten anything done, ever.

Also, because we both hate flying, we each bought ourselves a Gameboy for our honeymoon flight. Of course, now Kath thinks I'm not going to pay attention to her during the honeymoon... but at least she'll have one of her own.

I am nowhere near awake enough to be writing right now. Nothing I'm writing here makes any sense. More, later, then.