April 21st, 2004

angry steve

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(As much as I want to write something spiteful and bitter about the following link, I'd much rather you guys take a hack at it, because I just had a brain aneurism.)

Play the Tax Invader game, where you "save the USA from John Kerry's tax ideas!" Brought to you by www.GOP.com. Also, notice how the missle defense shield doesn't really work.
full life

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The Top 11 RPG Office Supplies, courtesy of www.bbspot.com.

11. Striped Tie of Resist Management
10. Mouse of Negate Firewall
9. Large Potion of Replenish Toner
8. Blinking Hub of Brilliance
7. Rusty Wand of Postpone Deadline
6. Potion of Manager Detection
5. Amulet of Blame Reflection
4. Ring of Pager Control
3. Scroll of Create Intern
2. Coffee Cup of Holding
1. Wand of Project Cancellation