May 6th, 2004

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Reasons why I've not posted recently:

1. My mind has been elsewhere.
2. Work has been brutal.
3. Not only has work been brutal, but my work computer sucks.

The wedding is in 17 days and we're almost done with the preparations; all I've got to do now, really, is finalize the music, write my vows, and finish taking gnome pictures with Kath. (After the wedding, I'm hoping to scan in and upload the gnome photos - most of them are pretty freakin' awesome.)

Here's the fun set-your-mp3-player-to-random/lyric guessing game that's floating around all over the place these days. It's not truly the first 25 songs, though, as quite a few of them were either instrumental or unintelligble, and quite a few were the same artist 3 times in a row. Also, because I'm lazy, most of these are in the first or second verse. Collapse )
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So everything was more or less accounted for in my quiz. Here's what you didn't get:

2. Camper Van Beethoven, "All Her Favorite Fruit"

6. PJ Harvey, "Joy"

8. Sting, "The Wild Wild Sea"

13. Simon & Garfunkel, "Overs"

14. Liz Phair, "Nashville"

16. The Giraffes, "Ghost of a Bad Bad Friend"

19. XTC, "We're all Light"

21. Built to Spill, "Happiness"

Aside from the HTML, this was fun. More to come.
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A new lyric quiz. And let me say that I wouldn't get half of these, since I can't even remember my OWN lyrics. And let me also apologize for my iPod - I've got 4095 songs on it, but it only picks from a small number of bands. Collapse )