March 29th, 2005

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All sorts of trivia

1. The new Good Evening website has launched! I wish I could take credit for the actual construction; alas, my Flash skillz are worthless. David, however, took my little sketch doodles and made it rock. Anyway, there it is. More info will be added as it occurs.

2. Downloaded the new Beck album this morning; I must admit that I'm a little underwhelmed. It's good, but not AWESOME, which is what I expect from his non-acoustic stuff. Of course, it took me quite a few listens to really get Midnite Vultures, so I'm not totally writing it off just yet.

3. Inspired by the Bloc Party album - "Like Broken Glass" is amazing, and I still can't get the bridge of "This Modern Love" out of my head - I made a looooong iPod playlist of my favorite up-tempo major-key songs. Had the Beck album not come out this morning, I'd be rocking to it all day. Collapse )

4. The new Splinter Cell comes out this week; my copy should be arriving any day now; I'm VERY EXCITED. Online co-op. (You listening, echothree and/or bottlroktt and/or any other Xboxers out there?)

5. Busy week this week, but that's good; it's nice to get out of the house.
full life

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From Overheard in New York, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites of all time:

Little Asian boy: Mommy, is it true that the world is run by giants who plug it in and make it spin?
Mom: Where did you hear that?
Little Asian boy: I made it up.

--N train