April 27th, 2005

full life

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1. So Alex Rodriguez hits 3 home runs and drives in 10 runs against the Angels, the team that has had more success against the Yankees than any other team over the past 10 years - not to mention against Bartolo Colon, who's been hot as of late - and yet some Yankee fans aren't impressed. Consider the douchebag who comments at Bronx Banter here (see #8 and beyond):

"Yes, Rodgriguez' performance is impressive, of course, but let's see him come through when it counts before we start gushing. We know he's capable of this sort of performance, that's not the point. I want to see him get a key single or walk in a big spot before I feel comfortable. We need to know that we've got what it takes to win one-run games against hot pitching. I've had it with this bludgeon-or-be-bludgeoned baseball. It proves nothing."

... "A three-run homerun in the first inning is great and all, I'm not saying it's not. I'm just saying that it's not a pressure spot the way it would be if the tying run were on second with two outs in the eigth against Boston. I'll concede that maybe I'm being too demanding. Fine. But honestly, it's how I'm feeling."

You, sir, are an asshole.

2. As the game was getting out of hand, Kath and I watched the season finale of "The Office", which I'd not watched after Week 3, I think. It was actually pretty good. Steve Carell seems to have found his groove as a lecherous egomaniac, which might not be as charming as David Brent but is still remarkably effective at causing awkward moments. Still, though, I'm glad I'm not emotionally invested in the show's success anymore.