July 7th, 2005

full life


A fun meme is upcoming, if only to distract my suddenly-not-so-latent paranoia. London, good luck. Our thoughts/prayers/good wishes are with you.
full life

Attack of the iPod meme

mattstratton has resurrected one of my favorite memes. In this particular one, I'm using a specific iPod playlist - these are 20 of my 559 favorite songs.

1. Put your playlist on shuffle.
2. Post the first lines to the first 20 non-instrumental songs to come up (along with these instructions). Delete anything with the title in the first line.
3. Have people guess the songs and artists in comments to the post.
4. Post the answers to the ones people guessed correctly. A couple of days later, post the first two lines of the ones no one got and get people to guess again.
5. Repeat, adding the next line to the unguessed songs each time, until they're all guessed/you've posted the whole song/you've gotten bored/no-one's going to get the damn thing if you don't tell them.

Don't use search engines when guessing!

special note: " ... " indicates the title of the song.

1. Get on your feet and do the funky Alfonzo! Frank Zappa, "Father O'Blivion" samhamm
2. Blind date with a chancer, we had oysters and dry lancers Pavement, "Shady Lane" losinginterest
3. September reverses and the equinoxes flip Gastr Del Sol, "The Seasons Reverse" losinginterest
4. His goal in life was to be an echo Wilco, "Hummingbird" tiburon_y_oso moozeekfan
5. Tell the moon or tell the marcher Yes, "We Have Heaven" tiburon_y_oso
6. With one prayer, with one flow, you will know ... The Police, "Synchronicity I" mgrasso
7. No matter where you are, I can still hear you when you ... Smashing Pumpkins, "Drown" mgrasso
8. I'm the same as I was when I was six years old; and oh my god I feel so damn old Modest Mouse, "Never Ending Math Equation" tiburon_y_oso
9. Bass! How low can you go? Death Row - what a brother know Public Enemy, "Bring the Noise" mgrasso
10. I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together Beatles, "I Am The Walrus" mgrasso
11. The fire you like so much in me is the mark of someone adamantly free Liz Phair, "Strange Loop" mattstratton
12. You say the hill's too steep to climb Pink Floyd, "Fearless" tiburon_y_oso
13. I drive alone, home from work, and I always think of her
14. Back in the days when I was a teenager - before I had status and before I had a pager
15. to be lost in the forest / to be caught adrift
16. ten tons against me and you've gone / I put your favorite records on The Wrens, "She Sends Kissis" moozeekfan
17. The time to rise has been engaged REM, Finest Worksong mattstratton mgrasso
18. This she did in public, for us to see - she came in here too drunk to do the show Sonic Youth, "Skip Tracer" losinginterest
19. Times were good / she never thought about her future, she just did what she would
20. And this I know, his teeth as white as snow, what a gas it was to see him The Pixies, "Gigantic" mgrasso
full life

all sorts of stuff

1. Because I'm impatient, here are the answers to the songs nobody got. For the record, I had to look up the lyrics to the Wrens' "She Sends Kisses" - I love that song but I had absolutely no idea what he was singing.
  • 13. I drive alone, home from work, and I always think of her Camper Van Beethoven, "All Her Favorite Fruit"

  • 14. Back in the days when I was a teenager - before I had status and before I had a pager A Tribe Called Quest, "Excursions"

  • 15. to be lost in the forest / to be caught adrift Bloc Party, "This Modern Love"

  • 19. Times were good / she never thought about her future, she just did what she would Genesis, "Duchess"

2. So! The new apartment!. After we signed the lease, still somewhat amazed that we got it, we took the keys and checked it out in greater detail - took some pictures and drew up a floorplan. Then we met our neighbors, a gay married Columbian couple who plied us with white wine and are absolutley delightful people. I can't tell you how nice it is to finally have neighbors who are cool - these guys are incredibly nice and sweet and seemingly know everyone in the entire neighborhood. We chatted with them for about 2 hours. Our plan right now is basically to move in by August 1. Which leads me to...

3. ...having to break our current lease. Our landlord is going to be pissed, especially since we'd been asking for 2 year leases and he kept giving us 6-month ones instead, insisting that he didn't want to get burned - and, well, we're burning him. (The real reason he gave us 6-month leases is so that he could raise the rent all the time, but whatever.) Anyway, I did some research this morning to see what we could be potentially liable for, and, well, yeah, we have a legitimate chance of being fucked. Not a whole lot, of course - our current lease was going to expire on October 31, and being that we're paid through July and our security deposit covers a month and a half of rent, we'd really only have to pay for September/October, if he chose to fuck us. He's going to be fucking over anybody who rents that place after us, though, because he'd been frothing at the mouth to raise the rent by a zillion dollars, but the place is in serious need of renovation - not to mention the people downstairs, who have been driving me crazy for 5 years. Anybody have any advice? Negotaiating tactics? As much as I'd like to tell this guy to fuck himself, I don't want to get sued.

4-5. I don't even know what to say about London, other than (again) sending along my thoughts and best wishes. 9/11 was almost 4 years ago and I still get jittery sometimes; it's an incredibly fucked up thing to go through and I hope it never happens again. I'll save the snarky anti-Bush comments for later.
full life

Not very busy

Today is going by too slowly. So, here's another iPod meme. Same rules apply. I'd like this one to be a bit more obscure, but my iPod may not comply.

1. Lying, cheating, hurting, that's all you seem to do. Led Zeppelin, "Your Time Is Gonna Come" jimmyether
2. There... smoke turns into serpents in the air. Beware, there's no century anywhere. THE CHURCH, "CITY"
3. I was a good kid, I wouldn't do you no harm. I was a nice kid, with a nice paper route. MORRISSEY, "I HAVE FORGIVEN JESUS"
4. Clock in my head, clock on the wall, and the two of them don't agree at all. XTC, "Day In Day Out", jimmyether
5. It's very far way, it takes about a half a day to get there if we travel by my... dragonfly. Jimi Hendrix Experience, "Spanish Castle Magic" jimmyether
6. You said things I wouldn't say straight to my face, boy. Liz Phair, "Mesmerizing" mattstratton
7. Now her paints are dry. JANE'S ADDICTION, "THEN SHE DID..."
8. Whatever you want from me, whatever you want I'll do. Yo La Tengo, "Sugarcube" jimmyether
9. Everyone, everyone around here, everyone is so near. Radiohead, "The National Anthem" mgrasso
10. A mile and a half on the bus takes a long time. BELLE & SEBASTIAN, "THE BOY WITH THE ARAB STRAP"
11. Well I wake up in the morning, there's frogs inside my socks. BOB DYLAN, "ON THE ROAD AGAIN"
12. When I called last night, I wasn't high, no I had not been drinking. Apples In Stereo, "Seems So" jimmyether
13. This is the greatest place on earth; interstated north and south. June of 44, "Of Information & Belief" losinginterest and tiburon_y_oso, nearly simultaneously
14. Take me out tonight, where there's music and there's people and they're young and alive. The Smiths, "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" mgrasso
15. My bed is made of candy floss, the house is made of cheese. TRAFFIC, "HOUSE FOR EVERYONE"
16. Mine is an act of love, mine is a wish to solve and mine is to sing by your side. BLONDE REDHEAD, "DOLL IS MINE"
17. I take a breath, pull the air until there's nothing left. Postal Service, "Recycled Air" unappropriate
18. The air comes off the ocean, and the city smells fishy. Ani DiFranco, "The Million You Never Made" unappropriate
19. Hopelessly adrift in the eyes of the ghost again. The Cure, "Untitled" samhamm
20. No earthly church has ever blessed our union. Sting, "The Secret Marraige" julias