August 1st, 2005

full life

Update from the new place

We're moved in! And I mean, we're really moved in - there are only a few boxes left, and they're simply waiting for their requisite furniture. The new computer arrived today, as did the cable, as well as the wireless modem - that was the last main thing I was worried about. I can't explain how happy I am about the apartment, other than to say that Kath made dinner in our kick-ass kitchen, and we ate it on our back porch, and now I'm in the office/recording studio updating my journal using Semagic while Kath watches "The Sixth Sense" in the living room. We'll be having a house-warming party as soon as we possibly can, and you're all invited. Seriously. If you (a) live in NYC, or (b) are planning on being in NYC, or (c) need an excuse to be in NYC, consider our party as one item on your agenda - probably the 3rd weekend in August, as the apartment ought to be fully furnished by then.

OK - I'm off to check out how HalfLife 2 runs on this computer.