October 4th, 2005

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Please God.

AMERICA, WTF?!!! From sfgate.com, via moozeekfan:

"Arrested Development." The funniest show on television is all but dead. There's no official announcement yet, but all the signs are there, and if this short-lived thing of beauty even manages to deliver half of a season, consider that a sanctioned-by-Rome miracle.

The ratings are abysmal. Fewer than 4 million viewers, which puts it in cable territory. Despite what may have been one of its funniest episodes ever in the first week, nobody watched. This past Monday, even fewer people watched. So much for Emmy power. So much for Charlize Theron as a cameo draw.

Blame? Easy. Fox moved the series from Sunday to Monday, which was: (a) stupid, (b) a planned assassination or (c) all of the above. The network barely promoted the night switch -- a killer for viewers, especially those trying to sample 30 new series -- and sure enough, "Arrested Development" drew fewer viewers than last season. Worse, once on Monday, the series got almost no push. Now, there's one more episode before Major League Baseball pre-empts the show -- and Fox will air "Prison Break" repeats in that slot for a bit after that and before, ahem, bringing back "Arrested Development."

Yeah, that'll happen. Enjoy next Monday's episode. Chances are, everything after that will be dubbed "the lost episodes" on the next DVD. Here's how things get worse for Fox: "Kitchen Confidential" is also dying on Mondays. That means Fox hasn't been able to launch a decent sitcom in some time, and, no, "The War at Home" on Sundays doesn't count. If you watch that, you deserve it.

But it's true that the audience always decides. Always. And if it doesn't want "Arrested Development" but gloms onto the asinine "War at Home," three things are in play here: (a) Nielsen families have lame taste, (b) we get the television we really deserve and (c) most damning, the theory of sophisticated urban viewers is out the window. San Francisco was the 27th-ranked market for "Arrested Development." New York, Los Angeles and Chicago all tied for 21st. And Boston was 45th. So much for savvy. Let's move to Portland, Ore., -- it was the No. 1-ranked market for "Arrested Development."
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1. So yeah, the news about Arrested Development's imminent demise has got me bummed out. But, as troubadour76 pointed out, this is not the first time that AD has been threatened with cancellation, and we're already into Season 3. But still. In the words of wienerschnitzel: "Looks like most Americans these days need a good dose of analrapy."

2. I neglected to mention that my work situation is about to receive an upgrade - I will finally have some real work to do, starting next week, as I move to a new floor and start working with 2 new people. It's a quasi-permanent position; I'm filling in for someone who's taking an extended medical leave, but from what I understand the person, if they return, will NOT be coming back to this particular desk, so it's as good as mine. I'll have more of a comment on this when I'm actually there, doing something. Good: no more days of nothing to do. Bad: less time for iPod wars.

3. Playoff baseball! Reading all the series profiles, I tend to agree with the general consensus, which is that there is no clear favorite in either league. Here's my prediction for the Yankees/Angels series: the Yankees will advance IF AND ONLY IF they manage to win Game 1, which is tonight. Which Mussina will show up? If we get the good version, and he manages to go at least 6+, I think we have a great shot. However, there's a distinct possibility that he will get beaten about the face and neck, and if that's the case the series is all but over.

4. My copy of the new Broken Social Scene album was supposed to arrive today; it has not. I ordered it from insound.com because they were offering a special bonus CD with it, but insound.com does not feature any package tracking, even though they say they do. Many of you are saying the new Wolf Parade album is awesome - I may end up picking it up, but first I must get my BSS fix.

5. Nerd news: Peter Jackson is producing the upcoming Halo movie! Also, my life is about to get incredibly expensive. Arrested Development Season 2 comes out next week, and there are a SHITLOAD of games coming out between last week and the next month or so, which will make my Xbox360/HDTV purchase that much more difficult to rationalize.