October 20th, 2005

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In a good way this morning. My work to-do list is empty, which means that I'm not busy because I finished everything I needed to do, which is a satisfying feeling; my stomach is, for the moment, settled; the Astros beat the Cardinals, which makes my decision to root for the White Sox that much easier; I had a fun, productive and very lucrative World of Warcraft session last night; Sufjan Stevens' "Illinois" helped made my morning commute very relaxing and mellow.

And yet I can't help but feel like somewhere, lurking in the shadows, something's going to happen to screw it all up.

So, then, something to distract me: a poll!

NYCers - what's your free daily newspaper of choice?

AM Today
I pay for my paper, bitch
I read books
There are no free paper kiosks/people at my subway stop
ipod war

Lyric quiz

No iPod war today, but a lyrics quiz will do nicely.

1. To escape, you must have been brave / it was a frightening case / where somebody chased you to the same place / where your eyes close / in the same haze Aloha, "You've Escaped" tiburon_y_oso

2. Time to live / time to lie / time to laugh / time to die

3. Don't tell me you don't know what love is / when you're old enough to know better / when you find strange hands in your sweater / when your dreamboat turns out to be a footnote Elvis Costello, "Everyday I Write The Book" guessed simultaneously by blergeatkitty and nounsandverbs

4. I keep looking for a place to fit in / where I can speak my mind / and I've been trying hard to find the people that I won't leave behind The Beach Boys, "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" (not guessed by nothinganything)

5. While you're greeted with tokens and stamps / underneath the fake oil burnin' lamps / in the city we forgot to name / well the concourse is a for-real shame

6. you crazy babe bathsheba, i wancha / you're suffocating you need a good shed The Pixies, "Dead" mgrasso

7. Took a sad song of one sweet evening / I smile and quickly turn away / It's not easy / singing sad songs / But still the easiest way I have to say

8. 'Twas in another lifetime / one of toil and blood / when blackness was a virtue / and the road was full of mud

9. There's a whisper I would like to breathe into your ear but I'm too scared to get that close to you right now

10. She came in, smelling of cabbages / pumpkin roots and all winter's ravages / she came in around dawn / took her coat off / buttoned down by the Russian winter

Correct answers here.
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Would puppies get called up in the Rapture?

Patton got a puppy!

"...But I’m worried that my new French bulldog puppy, Grumpus, might get called up, since he’s a walking cuddle party made of cupcakes with happy frosting on it and also angels singing and he’s a widdle pootie dootie wiggle-worm...

Shit, sorry. I’m trying to write normally, but every time I bring up Grumpus I go into cutesy puppy mode and I just want to wrap him in a marshmallow blanket and go “eek-a beek-a boo” on his widdle gumdrop nosie…


Yeah, Puppy Grumpus turns exactly twelve weeks old today, and he’s amazing. It’s like I’ve had a baby, except I can teach it to pee and poop in the yard. And I can watch Takashi Mike movies with it sitting in my lap and not feel guilty. Also, when puppies grow into adult dogs, they don’t shoot up high schools, vote Republican, or make movies like WAITING. In fact, the only bad thing adult dogs do, occasionally, is attack and eat a baby. Which, when you think about it, is kind of poetic and beautiful..."
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Ordinarily I'd wait a little longer, but the votes have slowed down completely. Here's what you didn't get:

2. The Doors, "Take It As It Comes"
5. Pavement, "Elevate Me Later"
7. Jethro Tull, "Look Into The Sun"
8. Bob Dylan, "Shelter From the Storm"
9. Wilco, "Pieholder Suite"
10. Super Furry Animals, "Cityscape Skybaby"

I got my flu shot earlier this afternoon; now my arm hurts and I'm falling asleep. Good times.