November 3rd, 2005

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1. So I'm away for a day and suddenly the iPod Tournament goes to hell? People creating fake LJ accounts to skew votes? Insanity. Ridiculousness. This will not stand. mgrasso, who's ass do I need to kick - nay, STOMP - before we can get some satisfaction?

2. Work, as mentioned previously, has been ridikilis. I'm talking ABSURD. That said, I think I've just finished it, and I'm breathing huge sighs of relief. There is a possibility that this project is not yet over, and I will have to do something even more absurd than what I've already done, but for the time being I'm kickin' back and not caring.

3. I made an Amazon order a couple weeks ago - picked up Lethem's "The Disappointment Artist" and Sports Guy's "Now I Can Die In Peace", but the "piece of resistance" is Episode III on DVD; I'd selected the free shipping option and wasn't expecting to receive these goodies until next week. Lo and behold, they arrived yesterday afternoon, and so Kath and I watched EpIII last night, and it's still as good as I'd thought. Perusing the IMDB page, there are rumors that the one and only Tom Stoppard was brought in to fix some of the dialogue; if that is indeed the case, then Tom needs to lay off the sauce and put down the crack pipe because the scenes between Anakin and Padme are indeed as grotesque as I'd remembered. And I still think that the scene where Anakin goes from trying to prevent Mace Windu from killing Palpatine and then, for no apparent reason, gives himself up to the Dark Side is missing a few key scenes - although Kath and I both remarked that if two lines had been reversed in the editing process, it probably would've worked enough. All that aside, it kicks ass, and now my hunger for an HDTV / 5.1 sound system has become ravenous.

4. My stomach has been a mess this week, but I'm making tremendous strides in therapy; we're starting to move past the physical manifestations of anxiety and delve into the root causes, and I came home from Tuesday's session positively jazzed.

5. Friday: I think David and I are having a songwriting session. Saturday: friends of ours get married. Sunday: collapse.
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EDIT: You know that scene in The Simpsons where Montgomery Burns has been diagnosed with every disease ever recorded, and then they have that little cartoon where all the germs can't fit through the door? That's what's happening in my brain right now. I have about 1000 things to talk about - nay, rave like a lunatic - and they're all crowding each other and instead I'm reduced to monosylabbic crap like "Argh".

It's nothing terrible, or angst-inducing - it's just BLARG.

EDIT EDIT: I apologize for using "- nay" phrasing twice in one day.