November 4th, 2005

full life

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1. Our downstairs neighbors have been (presumably) on vacation this week, and they left their dog behind. The dog is cared for during the day by the old Italian woman who lives next door, but is all alone at night. And the dog is very lonely. So lonely, in fact, that she howled in sorrow from 6:30pm last night until approximately 5:30am this morning. We would have loved to have brought her upstairs and let her hang out with us, but (obviously) we don't have keys to their apartment. So we sat there in bed, listening to the saddest dog in the world crying her eyes out (and probably keeping the entire block awake), unable to do anything about it. She would stop howling if one of us got up to use the bathroom, but there's only so many times you can stomp around on the floor when you really ought to be fast asleep. Anyway, I'm incredibly tired and spaced out today.

2. I should concentrate on finishing "The Blind Assassin" (I've mis-typed it as "The Bling Assassin" about 20 times this morning), but I coudln't help it - I cracked open "Now I Can Die In Peace" and couldn't put it down. I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is nothing better than the Sports Guy's baseball columns. In case you didn't already know (and here I'm looking at my stepfather, who may or may not read this blog), the book is a collection of the Sports Guy's Red Sox-related columns from 1999-2005, revised and with a quasi-director's commentary in the margins, which makes rereading all these columns that much more enjoyable. Also notable is that there's actual, non-censored profanity in the columns now, which, for whatever reason, strikes me as incredibly important. He's sorta cursed in his ESPN columns, and he's done pretty much everything he can to appease the censors, but let's face it - if something is fucking insane, it has to be written as such.

More later - I'm just too goddamned tired right now.