November 11th, 2005

sad / ad

End of an era?

Just when I think America has turned a corner and gotten smarter by voting Republicans out of office, along comes the news that Arrested Development has been cut down to 13 shows and will be taken off the air. There are rumors that it will be shopped around to a new network (HBO, please God) but it is apparently an expensive show to produce - I guess it must be, what with all the location shooting, because it's certainly not expensive from a marketing standpoint - it would seem that its marketing budget revenue comes from whatever loose change they can find lying around the office. Not that I watch TV on a regular or even semi-regular basis, but I think I've seen exactly one (1) commercial for AD the entire time it's been on the air. In fact, I would never have known about the 1-hour show this week if you guys hadn't mentioned it. *sigh* America, why are you not watching this show? AMERICA, WHAT THE FUCK?!!!