November 15th, 2005

full life

Subterranean Puppysick Blues

1. Here I am, at work. The puppies are home, all alone. While I feel terrible about it and can only imagine the howling and crying that is transpiring, it's probably a good idea I'm not there to actually hear it. Who knows - hopefully, maybe they'll have figured out that we are coming back; after all, they made it through last night without too much trouble. Of course, they started crying this morning when I closed the bathoom door to take a shower...

2. Did I miss the LJ discussion about Pitchfork's Worst Album Covers feature? There are indeed some amazing album covers in there, although Brent D's commentary is unnecessary and/or annoying. I'm surprised that he didn't include Tortoise's "TNT", as he chose to include a few other hastily-drawn-with-magic-marker covers.

3. My WoW addiction has tapered off considerably since hitting level 40 and acquiring my horse; between that and the kickass two-handed axe I just got, I'm out of long-term goals. This means that I'm not really using the computer room as much, and since the computer room is off-limits to the puppies, it kinda works out.

4. But it also means that I need an outlet for any disposable income that I happen across. So yesterday, while I was engaging the puppies in some separation anxiety training, I took a walk over to Steinway and picked up The Warriors, which is actually pretty awesome - while it is certainly cut from the same cloth as GTA and Manhunt, it also has an old-school, Streets of Rage-type feel, which is refreshing. I know the movie more from the Sports Guy's columns than from actually having watched it from back to front, so I can't necessarily vouch for the game's faithfulness to the film - I do know that the game has created an elaborate backstory, which you play through, and which eventually leads up to the events of the film - all I know is, it's a good deal of mindless fun.

5. The Good Evening gig originally scheduled for mid-December at Knitting Factory has been pushed back, but it appears that we'll be playing in January and also at Sin-E in February. One of these gigs, if not both, will feature a guest bassist, which will be good/strange. In any event, it gives us that much more time to finish up the new songs, all of which we're still really excited about.