November 28th, 2005

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1. The day after Kath and I brought the puppies home for the first time, I got a phone call from my dad - he wanted to congratulate us on the puppies, and he also needed to tell me something that had sorta bent him out of shape. Without going into the gory details, one of his stepson's best friends - a 9-year-old boy - had died a few days before, suddenly, of an undiagnosed brain tumor - and it (obviously) freaked everyone out. I bring this up because this story has been haunting me ever since he told me about it, and I have some psychosomatic tendencies, and when Kath and I got home from the movies on Saturday night, I started to have this wierd twinge over my left ear, and it hasn't really gone away. I can't really describe it - it might be some wierd sinus pressure, it might be related to my jaw - but it's there, and Advil isn't getting rid of it. I've made a doctor's appointment, just to be safe, and I'm not really THAT freaked out about it, but it is wierd and I'd rather it wasn't there.

2. Thanksgiving was spent at my Dad's house, and we brought the puppies with us. We were up for a little under 24 hours, but the time spent was very enjoyable and the food was delicious...

3. ...unfortunately, we couldn't eat very much of it, because Kath and I have just started a super-low-fat cholesterol-free diet and there's just not a lot you can do with that on Thanksgiving. Both of our cholesterol levels are pretty high, and although this diet was developed by a nutrionist specifically for Katharine, I figure it can't hurt if I tag along. Maybe this is why my head hurts? It seems that whenever I try to do something GOOD for my body - quitting smoking, giving up pot, severely limiting alcohol consumption, etc. - I end up breaking down and feeling worse.

4. We saw Harry Potter 4 on Saturday; without getting into spoileriffic details, I'll say that it was pretty good. (3 is still my favorite of the movies; 5 is probably my favorite of the books.)

5. It seems that it will be impossible to own an Xbox360 before next spring, without spending an obscene amount of money on eBay. The game boutiques are certainly not going to have any units available that weren't already pre-ordered, and the large retail giants apparently aren't getting enough - I've also heard lots of stories about the retailers giving their employees first crack at them while hundreds of people wait on line for hours. Grrr.

I was going to write something about the Giants game yesterday, but I keep coming up short. Or wide right.