January 25th, 2006

full life

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1. A love song for today's modern man. It's almost as if it were ghostwritten specifically for me to sing to my wife.

2. I know I've not been updating that much recently; I'm still alive, I'm just not finding very much to write about that's interesting. Been feeling somewhat blah recently, I guess, and that's just not compelling content.

3. I finally finished that Miles Davis box set. My initial reaction is that it's mostly extraordinary. The final shows, the ones with John McLaughlin which were later compiled for "Live/Evil", are probably the least interesting parts of the set - and that's hard for me to admit, being that I pretty much revere John McLaughlin. From what I understand, John missed his flight and only showed up for the last show, and hadn't rehearsed with the band, and you can sorta tell that the rest of the band is playing somewhat hesitantly, trying to create space for him and you can hear them sorta step around each other. Which comes as a direct contrast to the previous 3 nights, where the band is exploding and playing with supreme confidence. Several reviews have mentioned this particular lineup as the best band Miles ever played with; I don't know enough about Miles' output to agree or not but GODDAMN it's gotta be pretty close. (For the record: Jack DeJohnette on drums, Michael Henderson on bass, Keith Jarrett on keyboard, Gary Bartz on alto and soprano, Airto Moreira on percussion.)

4. I've also fallen in love with the newest Broken Social Scene record; when it first came out I kinda dismissed it, probably because I had incredibly high expectations and the album itself sounded like 20 people's brains exploding simultaneously, but maybe my excursion into the insanity of the Cellar Door Sessions opened up my brain a little bit - in any event, I can't get it out of my head.

5. I think I'm starting to get baseball fever. I could care less about the World Baseball Classic, but when I read that players are dropping out because they don't want to risk injury, that just reminds me that the season is only a few weeks away from starting. And after taking last year off, I think I'm going to get back on the fantasy baseball bandwagon again. I might even do multiple leagues this year. Say, an LJ-only league?