April 13th, 2006

full life

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1. Fantastic band rehearsal last night - in our new rehearsal space, no less. It was less of a rehearsal than it was a guitar sectional - David and I are determined to get our guitars to sound better and to blend with each other more, and to a certain extent we succeeded. The new space is great - it's on the small side, but we have 2 windows (!!!) and storage, and the room just has a really nice vibe to it. It's a tremendous pain in the ass for me to get to (and from), but it also means that on gig day, I'm exempt from gear transportation duty.

2. I finally got my hands on the new Loose Fur album, and HOLY SHIT it's fantastic. My fondness for the first album is really just limited to "Chinese Apple" and "Elegant Translation"; this new album is consistently brilliant from start to finish. And the opener, "Hey Chicken", is just fucking FUN.

3. jongre tomorrow night; DVR installation Saturday followed by either a Good Evening rehearsal OR a birthday dinner for Mike; Sunday is either the GE rehearsal we didn't have Saturday or a horizontal day of loungeness. Or possibly a long-ish puppy walk.

4. It's wayyyy too early to make a judgment call on the Yankees - the offense will obviously be murder on mediocre pitching, but our pitching isn't totally together yet either and I've got no idea how we'll be doing against good teams. One thing's become pretty obvious, though - if you walk them, they will score.

4a. This being my first time in a rotisserie-style fantasy baseball league, I'm still not totally sure how the scoring works - but it's cool to see how it fluctuates on a day-by-day basis. My team's got a lot of holes, though, and I'm doubtful I'll be able to patch it up correctly.

5. Starting to re-read "The Blind Assassin", which I had put down a few months ago for an unknown reason; I'm enjoying the hell out of it now.