April 17th, 2006

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Great weekend, got a lot of stuff done; hung out with some long-long friends, watched some films, got our new DVR unit hooked up, finished a game, spent a bit too much money...

1. Friday night was spent at jongre's new place, which I guess I ought to call "Padgre"; his apartment is huge and awesome and has a number of great features, the most important of which is jongre himself. I can't stress enough how great it is to have him back in NYC, even if his new place is kind of a pain in the ass to get to from Astoria.

2. Both of the following players are on my fantasy team. Needing to shake things up a bit, I benched one of them and gave the other one some playing time. Here are their lines from Sunday, April 16.

Player A: 0/2, 1BB, 1 RBI
Player B: 3/4, 2 HR, 2 R, 3 RBI

Guess which player I benched.

3. We got DVR installed on Saturday afternoon; Kath was out and about at the time but when she got home she WENT TO TOWN. When we woke up this morning there was SO MUCH STUFF on it, it was like a little mini-Christmas.

3a. Wonder Showzen might be the must fucked-up show in the history of television.

4. The shows we'd programmed for DVR hadn't yet occured, so we were still flipping around on TV late Saturday night when I stumbled across Jesus Chainsaw Massacre, which I hadn't yet seen. Collapse )

5. Sunday we ran some necessary errands and did some not-as-necessary shopping; there's a Skechers down on Steinway and they had a pretty awesome sale, and I wound up with 2 very cool pairs of shoes for not that much money, considering. Found a new Italian restaurant, also, which is where we ordered dinner in preparation for The Sopranos. But first:

6. We finally got around to watching Good Night and Good Luck, which was incredible. David Strathairn is fantastic, as is the rest of the cast; Clooney did a great job directing and his script is great. I was obviously born after Edward R. Murrow's career ended, but if he did in fact say and do the things he did, he ought to be an American hero. At the very least, it's an UNBELIEVABLY relavant film in this King Bush era.

7. The Sopranos... kinda sucked? Collapse )