May 5th, 2006

full life

"Because they're not robots!"

1. Watched the Yankee game last night, since, well, that's what I do. I had remarked earlier in the season that I wasn't necessarily sold on Al Leiter as a broadcaster, but also figured that he was nervous and a little unsure of how to conduct himself. Last night, though, he nearly ripped Michael Kay's head off (which is where the title for today's entry comes from) and it made me so proud. Unlike Paul O'Neill, whose way of getting over the broadcasting n00b jitters is to make fun of Michael Kay on a regular basis as if it were sport - hell, that's pretty much all Paulie does when he's calling a game, which is great - Al Leiter is actually trying to take his job seriously and offer a player's insight and experience in game situations. And so when Michael Kay yammers incessantly about what he thinks he knows about the experience of playing baseball, it's really quite refreshing to hear someone call him on his shit. Al, you the man.

2. I can't believe that E3 is next week. Last year I was getting excited for it in January, fercrissakes - this year I'm actually kinda blah about it. However, since Kath is going to be in Barcelona while E3 is happening, I'm going to be a geek unhinged.

3. Yeah, so, Kath is going to Barcelona next week with her friends; I wanted to go, too, but between the cost, the lack of vacation time and the dealing with boarding the puppies, I decided to hang back and hold down the fort. So I'll be sad and lonely. BUT - this also means that I am available for Queens-related drinking at any and all times. It's getting warm and the Beer Garden is 4 block away.

4. This right here is apparently my 1987th LJ entry. I may have to do something fun for 2000. I wish there was an easy way to find, say, my 100th, 250th, 500th... entries without having to actually count on the calendar.

5. It's Friday, dammit, and I think scrollwheel needs some content.