May 9th, 2006

full life

Who's gonna love you when your looks are gone?

1. Recovering from a monsterously busy morning; currently streaming the new Paul Simon album (produced by Brian Eno) and trying to catch my breath. Literally, actually, as my normally-terrible allergies have developed asthma-like symptoms and an ugly, hacking cough. Good times. I'm sorta on the fence on the Paul Simon album - I'm an unabashed Paul Simon fan, but I must admit that I haven't bought an album of his since "Rhythm of the Saints". The best song to illustrate my waffling right now is "Outrageous" - a lead single with absurdly over-produced verses and out-of-place drumbeats ala Peter Gabriel's "Steam" (Paul is 64, fercrissakes, it should be illegal to have uber-dancy drumbeats on your songs when you're an aging folk singer), but also featuring an undeniably incredible hook in the chorus (which is also where the title of this entry comes from).

1a. Did anyone get his last album, "You're The One"? I remember seeing him on SNL when it came out and actually being impressed with one of the songs he played, as it was almost prog-like in its complexity.

1b. Am I the only person to think that Paul Simon bears an uncanny resemblance to soon-to-be-ex-Yankee Tanyon Sturtze?

2. Kath and friends leave for Barcelona tonight; I'm picking her up after work and walking her over to her friend's apartment where a van will be picking them up. I'm excited for her, but obviosly I'm also sad she'll be gone for a whole week; we haven't spent more than a day or two apart from each other since we started dating 6 years ago. The poor puppies are going to be so confused. Anyway - yes. My weeklong scotch-induced haze begins tonight.

3. Speaking of which, Red Sox at Yankees tonight; Beckett v. Big Unit. As the fellas at Bronx Banter noted, both pitchers have pitched kinda terribly over their last few starts and yet they've both gone 2-2; the over/under on the runs scored in tonight's game is at 15. Truthfully, I'm more interested in tomorrow night's Schilling/Mussina matchup than tonight's shellacking, but I'll also be honest and say that I'm going to need heavy sedation just to make it through the game without wanting to kick something when Joe Torre forgets my recent advice about NOT PITCHING TO DAVID ORTIZ, EVER.