May 11th, 2006

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1. The Gnarls Barkley record is AWESOME. Holy shit. So many headphone treats(TM)! I love DangerMouse, but I had no idea how insanely brilliant Cee-Lo is - he makes this record truly special.

2. So Good Evening played with Matt Johnson last night, as mentioned about a billion times already, and it went a lot better than I expected - indeed, I think we all were pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure that we'd be able to use him beyond an occaisional gig here and there - he just finished a 6-week tour with Beth Orton, he's doing some fill-in shows with Duncan Sheik this weekend and he'll probably be touring with Rufus Wainright in a bit - but I think he liked us and, most importantly, he seemed to really like the music, which would make calling him up a bit easier in the future. I made sure to get all possible Buckley guitar strummings out of my fingers before he showed up - none of us wanted to bring that up with him, and actually he brought it up to us when he talked about adding Buckley to his myspace page in an effort to attract more drum students.

The biggest thing, ultimately, was how energizing it was to hear the songs played with different drum patterns, and played really well. The 3 of us have been ridiculously obsessive over the arrangements for each song, and since we've never had a full-time drummer, we've been even MORE obsessive over the drum parts than we have with our own instruments. Matt's instincts were pretty much spot-on with our original ideas, though, and the parts that he played differently actually opened a few things up for us - in "Faster", for example, we got into this nice little spaced-out groove thing during the outro that we will probably try to keep for upcoming shows.

3. I didn't get home until late, but I got to see the Yankees wrap up a nice 7-3 win. And my fantasy players performed well, too.

4. I've been following E3 as much as I can during the day, and I gotta say - I don't think I'll ever need a PS3 (I was not impressed with the Metal Gear Solid trailer as I think the MGS franchise is the most overrated franchise of all time) and I didn't see anything else they were showing that looked radically different from the 360's capabilities, and certainly nothing worthy of a $600 investment, but the Nintendo Wii looks pretty goddamned cool. The upcoming Xbox360 game lineup, though, looks absolutely killer, and the whole PC/360/mobile phone integration could be ridiculous.

5. Toasted sesame bagel + peanut butter = love