October 16th, 2006

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To further elaborate on this post: I did it. On Saturday I bought ProTools LE with the Mbox2, an Axiom61 Midi Controller keyboard, and a kick-ass pair of headphones (since I don't have any good monitor speakers); on Sunday I bought a USB hub and some MIDI cables. Total cost: ~$1200, which is still less than half of what my digital 16-track cost me 3 years ago. (Speaking of which, I should probably put that on Craigslist.)

So, yeah. I'm with the times, now. However, as I anticipated, I'm still totally at sea when it comes to how to actually use this stuff. And while a phone call with my stepbrother helped me actually make sound with my keyboard, it's also become painfully clear that I don't have enough sounds to really make any good use out of it. And, of course, the software is fucking expensive. In a way, I kinda wish I had bought a real, fully-fleshed out keyboard; of course, I still might, anyway...