October 18th, 2006

full life

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Crazy week this week. Got yelled at yesterday by one of my bosses, which sucked. Tonight I'm going to the rehearsal space to pick up my amp and formally say goodbye to... well, the room, I guess, since nobody else will be there.

Pro Tools continues to confuse and flummox. Last night I watched the instructional DVD and it has a horrific scratch when the guy starts talking about MIDI, which is the main thing I wanted to learn about. Also, I had a wierd issue where I wasn't hearing any sound, and then when I was, it sounded all squelched and horrible. And I'm also getting wierd error messages every once in a while, errors that I shouldn't be getting because my computer is a fucking MONSTER and has supported hardware and chipsets and everything. Ugh.

And Kath is sick, too, which is sad.