November 15th, 2006

full life

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1. I was off from work yesterday because we had to bring the pups in to the vet for some teeth extractions. (Total cost: $1000+.) They seem to be doing fine, though - we were a little worried that they would react poorly to the sedation, but aside from Lola acting a little hungover they are their regular adorable selves. Oh, and then we accidentally gave them WAY too much of their antibiotic medication (because the directions were very unclear) so I was freaking out that I'd killed them; a quick call to the vet revealed the correct amount and reassured us that they'd be fine.

1a. Speaking of the dogs: the dogs are so goddamned cute. We have them sleep in the hallway at night, but we let them into our bed every morning at around 6:00am, and Lily has started to do the cutest thing - she sleeps like people, with her tiny body under the blanket and her head in between our pillows. Seriously, it's ridiculous.

2. In any event, my time home was very well spent - I worked on 2 brand-new songs yesterday, and I have to say that I really, really like them, even if they're somewhat more derivative-sounding than I'd like (one is very Wilco-y, the other is sorta related to the instrumental section of Interpol's "PDA"). I will post rough mixes as soon as I finish the lyrics.

2a. Funny thing about the Wilco-y song; last week I was flipping around the televion and the They Might Be Giants documentary was on, which I'd meant to see when it was in theaters. And as I watched (and enjoyed it), it occured to me that I hadn't listened to the s/t and "Lincoln" in about 15 years - on well-worn cassettes, no less. 15 years is a long time, folks, especially when you're almost 31 - it means that the last time I'd listened to those albums, I'd yet to smoke pot, drive a car, get into songwriting as a serious endeavor - and so I immediately downloaded them on iTunes and fell in love all over again. To hear these songs with fresher and wiser ears, espcially after such a long time, I had a revelation: John Linnell might just be the most overlooked and underrated songwriter of our times. Flans kinda gets on my nerves, but Linnell almost always comes through.

Anyway, here's the thing: after 48 hours of nonstop TMBG, I had to cut myself off, because the weekend was coming up and I couldn't possibly expect to write anything worth keeping if my head remained in that sort of space, and what better way to cleanse the palate than a nice heaping dose of Wilco? So, yeah. The thing is, my new song isn't even Wilco-y as much as it is Loose Fur-ry. (And now that I think about it, I might just have to tweak the melody a little bit, because it might even be a little too note-for-note against Loose Fur's "Wreckroom".) In any event. It's Tweedy-esque.

3. Is the new Thomas Pynchon really coming out next freakin' week?