December 6th, 2006

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I've been lax in updating recently, but honestly - there's not very much to write about.

I am thoroughly entranced with "Against the Day" - I'm only 238 pages in and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that there's still 840+ pages to go. Pynchon more or less demands that you read slowly and carefully, and I'm only too happy to oblige.

Pynchon, in his own blurb, writes: "With a worldwide disaster looming just a few years ahead, it is a time of unrestrained corporate greed, false religiosity, moronic fecklessness, and evil intent in high places. No reference to the present day is intended or should be inferred." There's a chapter, however, starting on page 149 of the hardcover edition, which could very well be about NYC in the months immediately following 9/11, and it's absolutely stunning - the man is as famous a recluse as anyone can be, but he still does live in the same world as the rest of us, and to hear his take on that event, however allegorical, is quite moving. And yet, there's also a very small and hilariously out-of-place Star Trek reference on pate 237. Obviously I've got quite a long ways to go, but I gotta say - this is the most fun I've ever had reading a Pynchon novel. (I will also definitely be re-reading Mason & Dixon after this.)

It's about that time where one is supposed to start compiling "Best of 2006" lists; mine are going to be somewhat paltry. I bought a lot of music this year, but nothing in at least the last 2 months; I'm pretty sure I only saw 4 or 5 movies in the theater this year, if that; I did read a lot of books this year, and frankly I loved most of them, which will make choosing my favorite that much more difficult.

Oh yeah - scrollwheel is back! Mega-tournament is currently seeking submissions - get yours in by 5pm EST.

EDIT: And another thing. Kath has gotten me hooked on "Dexter", and we watched 2 DVRd episodes last night, and so I had about 200 Dexter-related dreams this morning, and if you're familiar with the show you can imagine how wierd I felt when I awoke.