December 27th, 2006

full life

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Today's my last day at work for the year; Kath and I (et familia) fly to Chicago tomorrow for some family-related shindigs. I still hate flying, even though I've gotten better at it; I'll have plenty of distractions this time around, although a vodka/OJ usually seems to quell the nerves just as handily. I've got about 200 pages left in "Against the Day", so I'm debating whether to race through the ending today so I don't have to pack it, or just read the rest of it very, very slowly so I don't have to pack anything else book-related.

I would apologize here for not keeping to my usual posting regularity, except I'm not sure I'm offending anyone; I keep intending to post some actual journal-y type stuff in here and I always end up getting distracted and end up putting up stupid links or whatever - which is what happens when one's LJ-time is primarily spent at work.

This journal's gotten incredibly superficial this year; I don't necessarily know why. In years past, any time I felt like retreating from the world at large I would explode in this space, but for whatever reason I've retreated from here as well. Which is not to say I'm not still reading what you write; I'm just not in a very contributory mood these days. Maybe I'll do something about that in the '07.

In any event - since this is also most likely my last post for this year, have a great New Year and I hope you're all well.