January 25th, 2007

full life

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Just finished reading Nabakov's "The Real Life of Sebastian Knight", which was enjoyable and also somewhat forgettable.

I've now got 7 books to choose from, the result of a productive holiday season:

1.  Bob Woodward, "State of Denial: Bush at War III"
2.  Jean Paul Sartre, "The Age of Reason"
3.  Diane Setterfield, "The Thirteenth Tale"
4.  Kelly Link, "Magic For Beginners"
5.  Haruki Murakami, "Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman"
6.  Mark Danielewski, "Only Revolutions"
7.  Margaret Atwood, "Oryx & Crake"

Not to mention the Fable graphic novels that Kath has been obsessing over for the last month or so.