October 29th, 2007


talkin' baseball

I am strangely unaffected by the Red Sox this morning. (Congratulations, Sox fans.) More to the point, any anger or bitterness I ordinarily would have about it has been refocused towards Arod, who couldn't even wait to find out who the new manager would be - indeed, couldn't even wait before the game was over - before deciding to opt out of his contract. Boras mentioned something about how Petite, Posada and Mariano were still up in the air, and it would take longer than 10 days for those contracts to get sorted out, and that had a lot to do with his decision to not even wait to see what could get done. It's sad, really, for a player of such extraordinary talent to be such an extraordinary douchebag.

Rumor was that the Yanks were going to offer Arod a huge, 5-year deal at close to $30M per; I wish him good luck finding anywhere near that much anywhere else. And I think the Yankees are dead serious about cutting off negotiations; that money can now be used towards trying to get Santana, or maybe even trying to lure WS MVP Mike Lowell back to the Bronx, where he originally made his way. (Boy, would that be interesting!) Frankly, I hope Arod goes to the National League next year; I'm not sure I want to see him again on any regular basis. Let him murder NL pitching and set all sorts of records and squander away his talents on miserable teams; next year's going to be difficult enough for a Yankee fan without having to see his name in the box scores I pay attention to. Asshole.

As for the manager situation... it's apparently between Girardi and Mattingly. A week ago, I was concinved that Girardi was the right guy for the job; then, suddenly, I felt like Mattingly was the right guy, and that Girardi might actually be a mistake. Buster Olney says that Girardi is Cashman's choice, although who knows how much that matters anymore with Hank and Hal running things. If Girardi gets the job, what happens to Mattingly? I can't imagine Mattingly joining the YES broadcast booth, nor could I see him being Girardi's bench coach; I think Mattingly goes home. Which would be sad.

Actual weekend recap post forthcoming, shortly.