January 7th, 2008

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I'm not necessarily out of the woods just yet, but I do want to pat myself on the back - I got myself out of the house for the last 4 days.

Thursday:  long-overdue and much needed drinks with Mike.
Friday:  totally unexpected and very enjoyable drinks with my new neighbor, hydrozoa.
Saturday:  Kath and I went to see Juno, and then discovered 2 organic grocery stores along 30th Avenue.
Sunday:  Last holiday party of the year, at Devin and KB's.

Good times, plus the Giants totally kicked ass.  That said, my stomach is killing me this morning, which is odd since I barely ate anything yesterday.

This week should be very interesting; Wednesday is a rehearsal for Saturday's auditions (I'm helping an old friend put a recording project together), and what's interesting about that is that it will be the first time that me, Joe, Rey and Kenny will have been together, in a room, with instruments, in maybe 10 years.  I'm trying to not make a big deal out of it, but it is pretty significant, for reasons that I'll maybe get into later, probably privately.

Finally - I decided to use my $25 iTunes card on comedy albums by Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter.  MIB's album is pretty fucking hilarious; Mike Show's is a little uneven but still pretty solid.  ALSO:  finally tracked down The Field's "From Here We Go Sublime", and while I haven't finished it yet it's definitely doing interesting things to my brain.  ALSO ALSO:  Mike gave me a belated birthday gift - a 3-CD collection of John Cage's prepared piano pieces, which is very, very cool.

Work is starting to get crazy; I want to talk about Juno, and some other things, but can't do it right now.
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92% Mike Gravel
91% Dennis Kucinich
82% Chris Dodd
81% John Edwards
80% Barack Obama
77% Hillary Clinton
76% Joe Biden
72% Bill Richardson
37% Rudy Giuliani
28% Ron Paul
28% John McCain
19% Mike Huckabee
19% Mitt Romney
17% Tom Tancredo
9% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

EDIT: More than a few people are surprised to find Mike Gravel at the top of their list. As far as I know, he's most known for his 2008 presidential announcement video, which is:

I find it more than a little worrisome that this is the guy I most identify with, ideologically speaking.
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I guess I'm just in a posting mood. 

Warner Brothers' announcement over the weekend that they are exclusively supporting Blu-Ray over HD-DVD pretty much settles the next-gen format war; less than 24 hours after WB's announcement, New Line said they were going Blu-Ray exclusive as well (and you'd better believe that the LOTR movies in 1080p will be at the top of everybody's wishlist, including my own). 
This means, among other things, that now I have to get a goddamned PS3, which I really didn't want to have to buy.  Alas, I am a slave to 1080p content.

Speaking of which, I am such a slave that I ended up DVRing last night's HD premiere of American Gladiators.  Fortunately, I didn't actually have to watch any of it; when we got home yesterday I was on the computer and Kath's groans of disgust were enough for me to know that I wasn't missing anything, and I'm at least proud to know that I've retained whatever brain cells I would have otherwise lost had I accidentally watched.  (The AV Club's commentary says it all.)

I did say that I wanted to talk about Juno earlier; I guess now is as good at time as any. Collapse )
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I should probably have been a littler clearer in my last post - Kath and I are NOT having a kid, nor are we planning on having one anytime soon. Believe me, if that happens, I'll be a LOT less cryptic!