January 16th, 2008

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Somewhere on this page is a link to a trailer for the new Tiny Fey / Amy Poehler movie "Baby Mama".  Lots of awesome cameos (Hodgman!  Sigourney!  Arnett!) and, well, hey!  Yet another movie about trying to get pregnant.  Good times.

Work's been crazy this week and only looks to get worse.  I know we're just days away from a 3-day weekend but GODDAMN I'd like to take a day off.  The dogs have now made 4:00am their regular wake-up time and it's starting to drive me a little cuckoo-bananas.

Not sure what's on tap for tonight; Kath is out and while I'd like to get some writing done I'm kinda leaning towards collapsing on the floor and sleeping. 
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Ah, McSweeney's; it's been a while since I felt compelled to link to you.

Top Ten
Best Ever.


- - - -

1. "Standard" by Generally Beloved

2. "Obvious" by Everyone's List

3. "Understandable" by Debatable but Worthy

4. "Totally Obscure" by Feel Suddenly Inferior

5. "Universally Forgotten" by Curiously Vehement Reverence

6. Whole body of work by Your Ignorance Limits You

7. "Otherwise Underwhelming" by What Was Playing That Time Specific to Me When Everything Came Together Just as It Should Have

8. "Footnote" by Guess Which Were My Drugs

9. "Other-Culture Techno Trance Experience" by See How Well-Rounded I Am

10. "Children's Version of See Above" by We've Got Kids Now
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Sorry about all these random posts, but I just stumbled across something and OMG. 

Via Save the Robot: "The Sickest Story I've Ever Read", which is about a Piers Anthony story from his collection, "Anthonology."  I read this book too when I was around 14-15, and I'd thought I'd forgotten it until I read this post and WHOOSH it all came flooding back.  The story he talks about in particular... god, yeah, it's pretty sick.  I wonder if my copy is still in my room at my mom's house.