February 11th, 2008

full life

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Too tired.  BOOOORING, but hey, that's what's going on these days.  The little bitches keep waking us up at 4:00am.  They are so sweet and tender and cute and cuddly but GODDAMN they can't be away from us for more than a few hours before they start freaking out.


Saturday we were at our friend Devin's pad for some birthday texas hold'em; I went out early, but Kath ended up winning it all.

And yesterday I should have been more productive; I didn't end up doing very much at all.

Devin sent me a link to the most recent Paul F. Thompkins record, which is fucking hilarious - easily the funniest thing I've ever heard him do.  This got us into a comedy mood, and eventually I finally got my hands on Bill Hicks' "Rant in E Minor", which is (a) disconcertingly prophetic, considering how long ago he recorded it, and (b) a little weird, in that there's all these strange little music interludes which don't make any sense.  It's also unbelievably brutal; I knew he was edgy, but I don't think I knew how much. 

Also: simon_moon got me turned on to The Books. I've made a promise to myself this year - no more rampant iTunes spending sprees. I was collecting my receipts for my tax accountant and it turns out I spent over $950 on iTunes last year; that's insane. I need to start stealing.