February 19th, 2008

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Home today, for a variety of reasons. 

Weekend wasn't nearly as productive, music-wise, as it should've been, but I've made some progress nonetheless.  The RPM Challenge is going to be nearly impossible to finish, though; even if I got new RAM installed today and the computer actually took it and worked the way I needed it to, I've lost too much time.  Oh well.  Still - even if I didn't finish anything, I do have the beginnings of at least 2 songs, and a bunch of ideas for some new stuff as well.  Plus:  learned a good recording technique yesterday that ought to help me out in the short-term, in terms of keeping my computer's performance manageable.

That's it and that's all.
full life

On Vox: To Retreat

Oh hell yes.

The RPM Challenge may be out of reach now, but I've conquered my computer's technical difficulties and now I've got something to show for it.

All I really wanted to do tonight was to make sure I remembered how to bus everything.  My computer doesn't have nearly enough RAM to run ProTools and all my plug-ins without crashing, but my friend Mike [ALERT:  technical blabbing ahead] showed me how you can bus out midi tracks into audio tracks, which is apparently ProTools 101.  Anyway - now I can run Velvet and BFD and still have room left for some other stuff. 

So, then:  this new song is really, absolutely brand-spanking new; I didn't even know I was writing it at the time.  I was originally just listening to American Analog Set, trying to find a mellow sort of groove where I could play a Rhodes, and instead I picked up my acoustic and started strumming something out.  The thing I'm most excited about is that the bridge here is totally made up on the spot; I was rolling tape and didn't really have a structure planned out, and then it just happened, and it stuck.

Also:  this is NOT EVEN CLOSE to a final mix.  There's clammy notes all over the place, there's peaking and some weird cymbals near the end, I forgot to trim the opening measure AND the fadeout, and the vocals in the 2nd verse sound a bit too much like Lisa Loeb.  I'm just so freaking excited that I was able to record tonight without my computer crashing and I just want to put this out there ASAP, even though it's so far away from being done.

I don't know where the lyrics came from; they were lying around in a notebook.

To retreat
Jeremy Voss

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