February 25th, 2008

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Very quick weekend recap:

1.  Our new couch arrived on Saturday.  It's much-needed; our old couch was saggy and, well, sad.  Our new couch is taller and, most importantly, is a hide-a-bed, and the mattress isn't half-bad.  It needs to be broken in, though; right now it's IMPOSSIBLE to slouch in, unless you're already lying down.  The dogs are a little confused by it; sometimes they can make the jump up, and sometimes they can't.

2.  Caught up on Netflix, which also meant watching 2 really good movies - Eastern Promises and Michael Clayton.  I'm absolutely thrilled that Tilda Swinton won for Michael Clayton - she was incredible.  Actually, that whole movie was far, far better than I had expected; great script, great performances, fantastic pacing and great ending.  In a way, it reminded me a bit of Michael Mann's "The Insider," another film I also loved.  As for Eastern Promises... wow.  Viggo was great (even if he didn't have a snowball's chance in hell for an Oscar) and the big reveal totally took me by surprise. 

Pretty mellow weekend aside from that.  Work should be crazy today.