March 11th, 2008

don hertzfeldt

Greetings from London

Found an internet cafe about 20 minutes from my hotel; this computer is dreadfully slow and so I beg your forgiveness if there are too many typos.

Basically, it's been OK here, except for my stomach, which has been an absolute nightmare ever since we landed. The flight was actually anticlimactic and rather short; took only about 5:15, all told, which was barely enough time for me to do all the things I wanted to do in order to keep myself distracted.

Last night we saw Kevin Spacey and Jeff Goldblum in "Speed The Plow"; Spacey was magnificent, but Goldblum was simply OK and the girl playing the secretary was just plain miscast.

Tonight is a tour of the National Theatre and "Much Ado About Nothing", which I am not attending because, as before, my stomach is a nightmare. I am hopped up on Pepto and am not terribly interested in squirming in discomfort for hours.

What else, what else... Oh. We're on the Picadilly line, and to get to all the places we want to go, we inevitably head eastbound, which terminates at some place called "Cockfosters", and which never fails to send Kath and I giggling. We do feel that we ought to visit it, but only after we stop at Titnipple Lane and Flapping Labia Way.

Also, today we successfully ventured out to the West End and found Forbidden Planet, a magnificent comics emporium. Kath picked up these absolutely bitching Shaun of the Dead figurines. I also stopped in at an HMV - they have Wiis here! Was considering buying one, but I'm not sure if London-bought Wiis would work in NYC. (I know there can be some trickiness when using Japanese-imported games on North American hardware.)

Overall, London is a pretty cool city, if dreadfully expensive. Kath asked me what I thought about it during our little walking tour, and I think I can put it thusly - it feels a lot like the way NYC gets in weird dreams; it's still a big city, but everything is narrower and low to the ground and the layout is radically different. Which is very much like where we were today, which felt like Times Square merging into the West Village merging into Chinatown; this makes absolutely no sense in NYC, but it happens all within a 5-6 block span here.

Anyway - that's about all I have to report. Tomorrow, Kath and I are taking a personal day from all the scheduled activity and may end up hitting the British Museum; or we may simply wander around. I'm on Kings Road right now and it looks like there might be some cool things to do here; that said, I appear to be in some sort of mall. Maybe I'll find some Kinks CDs!