March 20th, 2008

full life

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1.  Amazing news - my neighbor's lost dog has been found; we got the news late last night.

2.  The AV Club's "My Year Of Flops" continues, and I pretty much have to see this movie now.  I only wish that Nathan Rabin could contribute a commentary track.

3.  Hung out with a friend last night who I'll be collaborating with on my friend's recording project, and, again, I feel like an idiot - how am I only now finding out about Nina Simone?  Jesus Christ. 

4.  I had to stop reading GEB; it was making my brain hurt.  I appreciate the ideas, but I can't follow all the technical explanations and all the notations.  I did manage to buy 3 books in London; The Savage Detectives, Duma Key, and Matter, which I'm currently enjoying.

5.  The Many Views of Abbey Road.