April 9th, 2008


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My brutal hangover has subsided somewhat, but I'm still more or less useless to the world.

I am hungover because last night I again hung out with the singer for my friend's recording project, and we put away a rather large bottle of wine (on an empty stomach, no less), while we geeked out on music.

One of the things the singer is trying to do is teach me about the blues.  The first time we hung out, she played me a bunch of Nina Simone, which was awesome.  Last night, we watched this Stevie Ray Vaughn DVD; the DVD consists of his infamous 1982 set at Montreux where he got mercilessly booed (although it was also the gig that got him noticed by Jackson Browne and David Bowie), and his triumphant headlining return in 1985, where the audience is much more appreciative, and he looks like a gay pirate.  

Here's the thing, with me and Stevie; I appreciate that the man's got skills.  And he genuinely plays his balls off; he's not cerebral, he's not being clever (even the guitar-behind-the-back stuff isn't showoff-ish as much as it's just being a great showman).  It's just that while he's going apeshit, his band looks almost bored, repeating the same 12 bars over and over again, sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly, and I don't necessarily see what his soloing has to do with the actual form.  Which is why, personally, I've always loved Hendrix and why I've always kinda dismissed SRV - SRV is a hard-core bluesman, while Hendrix approached the form from outer space.

Those of you with SRV opinions, both pro- and anti-, please educate me.