May 10th, 2008

full life

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Had a very lovely day today; mom and Paul came over and spent the afternoon with us, and after they left Kath and I watched Cloverfield (via Netflix) and then, randomly, Rattle And Hum.  Now I'm blasting "Achtung Baby" throughout the apartment.

Cloverfield was actually pretty good, or at least better than I'd thought it was going to be, even if there were some staggeringly obvious problems (i.e., cell phones never work in the subway, and they especially don't work when all hell is breaking loose, like 9/11 and, more recently, the steampipe explosion near Grand Central last year; it does not take 10 minutes to get from Spring Street to 59th Street; NOBODY has a circle of friends that consistently good-looking).  I also could probably have done without the love story.  Still, though, at its best moments it was quite effective.

Rattle And Hum doesn't hold up as well, if only because Bono in the late 80s is a little ridiculous and Edge wears ridiculous clothing.  Still, though, some of the performances are fucking awesome, and no band does the larger-than-life thing better than U2. 

Good night, NYC.