May 27th, 2008

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Thank you all for your kind words last week; they helped a lot. 

I feel like there's a million things to talk about re: the weekend, and yet if I list them in my head it doesn't add up to much.  I'm tired of feeling like I need to make qualifying statements in LJ posts, though, so I'm just gonna go for it.

The main event this weekend was the recording session.  We managed to finish basic tracks for 11 songs over the course of 2 days, and from what I could tell they all sound pretty awesome, even in their overdub-less and vocal-less state.  We recorded at the Buddy Project, a tiny, 300 sq. ft. studio in Astoria about a 10 minute walk from my apartment, which is, among other things, where Sufjan recorded "Illinois."  This was easily the quickest and most productive session I've ever done, which is pretty remarkable considering how much goofing off there was.  The other guys in the band are all pros, and really really nice and funny and smart.  The drummer, in particular, is amazing, and I learned about a zillion little studio tricks from him (I might even have figured out how Tchad Blake gets his amazing and distinctive snare drum sounds).  Got turned on to a lot of great music, too, and this is the best part of being in a recording studio with knowledgeable people - everyone has iPods and can immediately play you something you need to hear, on speakers that really accentuate the point.  Case in point:  Miles Davis, "Big Fun." 

Yesterday, after we finished, we all headed over to my apartment for a celebratory beer, which was nice.  It's so rare to get people out to Queens, but when they're already there, it's (obviously) a hell of a lot easier to entertain.

Other news... I had a physical last Wednesday, and my doctor called me up on Friday to tell me my thyroid is "off" - I think he used the word "sluggish" - and now I'm on meds (the exact name of which I can't recall, but it's a generic version of whatever the doc prescribed anyway).  I don't know if it's simply the power of suggestion, or the placebo effect, or simply that even though I was out and about this weekend I wasn't ever far from home and I didn't eat that much, but I felt GREAT.  My doc implied that my metabolism is slow, and that this medication would help with that, although he also said it would be unlikely that I'd feel any different.  My stomach has been waaaay more manageable, which has in turn made my whole outlook a lot more positive. 

That said, I'm friggin' EXHAUSTED today; we haven't yet put in the AC in our apartment so it was rather warm last night, and the dogs decided they wanted to come in at around 1:30. 

That's about it.  We do overdubs and vocals this weekend; I'm thinking things will move a lot faster.