June 23rd, 2008

full life

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Lazy Saturday turned into busy Sunday, culminating in today's bananas Monday.

- Um, the new Girl Talk album? Holy shit, it's amazing.  I'd been recommended "Night Ripper" but never was able to track it down; I don't know that this new one is an Album Of The Year candidate but goddamn, it's so much fun.  Bonus points for throwing a friggin' Temple of the Dog sample right up front.

- Tonight should be interesting; I'm back at the studio from 6-11 and essentially directing a horn section through 4-5 songs.  I've never written horn arrangements before, but the other 2 guys seemed pleased with what I'd come up with, and I'm basically running the show tonight, which is all kinds of weird.

- Today is Kath's first day back at work after 2 months of recovery from her foot surgery.  Spoke to her a little while ago; she's already pretty exhausted, but that's to be expected for someone who's barely left the house.  I'm so proud of her. 

And now, more work.