July 7th, 2008

full life

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Super crazy busy but I'm still doing this meme, which I'm ganking from The AV Club.

Pick a favorite album for each year you’ve been alive. You can pick a record based on what you like now, or what you would have picked that year assuming you were old enough to care.
Wikipedia is your friend. (I am your friend, too, so my list will include each year's Wikipedia entry, should you decide you want to do this also.) After a few of these, I basically just decided that I was picking my favorite album now, because, well, whatever I was listening to in 1982 was probably not something I consciously chose. Also: only one album per artist, which makes it a bit harder. Some years are hard because there's so much good stuff to choose from; some years are hard because there's a whole lot of nothin'.

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