July 11th, 2008

full life

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Kath is back on her own two feet again, for the first time in months! Much rejoicing all around.

Did a tiny bit of recording last night; I'd been thinking about re-recording one of my older songs with a new arrangement, and so last night I put down a verse and chorus, very bare-boned, just to see if it could work. I'll have to hear it again, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out, and maybe I'll try doing the whole thing tonight. Mostly, I'm just pleased that (a) my keyboard still works, and (b) I remembered how to do some of the RAM-saving tricks in ProTools.

Weekend will be busy; tomorrow we're going out to dinner with Kath's parents and then going to see "August O' Sage County", and then Sunday we're spending the afternoon at Kath's friend's place. Hopefully I'll find some time to relax; this has been a pretty punishing week at the office, and I'm exhausted.