July 21st, 2008

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The awesome thing about seeing blockbuster movies on opening weekends in Queens is that even if the subways are running slow and you get to the theater only 10 minutes before the movie starts, you can still get seats. At least, if you go to an early enough show. We saw the 1:40pm Dark Knight on Saturday and even though we had to sit all the way in the back, we got seats without having to wait in a godforsaken line for an hour. Unlike the poor bastards who were queued up for multiple showings when we were leaving.

As for the movie itself... I had unrealistically high expectations for it, and yet for the most part they were all met. Pretty much everything about it was fantastic; the performances (even if Christian Bale's Batman voice gets to be a little too much by the end), the cinematography, the music... There were one or two things that didn't quite work for me (mainly regarding Harvey Dent's story arc), but I very much want to see it a second time so I can see if I missed anything. And yeah, Heath Ledger's performance is as good as everybody says it is; it would be Oscar-worthy even if he was still alive. The movie is worth seeing (twice!) purely on the basis of his performance; it is staggering.

Pretty mellow weekend aside from that; Kath and I stayed in the AC and watched lots and lots of movies, ate lots of junk food, and gave Lily and Lola much-needed baths (and there are adorable pictures of that, which we've yet to upload).

What else... oh yeah, I got the Fleet Foxes record last night and it's absolutely gorgeous. It's funny; I'd been obsessing over Tokyo Police Club for the last month or so, and all these uptempo rocker song ideas had been starting to form in my head, and then I hear the Fleet Foxes and I want to throw them all away and start writing folky 10-part-harmonies. Maybe I'll find a way to do both.