August 3rd, 2008

full life

On Vox: 2 new (old) ones

Kinda went bananas this weekend, and I've got 2 new recordings to show for it.  More than that, I learned how to do about a million things with ProTools that I'd been needing to learn, and now I feel like a goddamned ninja.

The last time I played "Elizabeth" was probably at the show I played with some friends which took place during the 2000 Subway Series - which happened to be the one game the Yankees lost.  This version is not at ALL what it used to sound like; not that it ever had any particular sound - it was never officially recorded. 

I'd been meaning to re-record "I'm Connected"; I originally recorded it in 2006 on my old digital 16-track, and while it has its charms it desperately needed a fresh coat of fidelity.

Elizabeth I'm Connected

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