September 29th, 2008

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1.  My high school band is reuniting - for tonight, at least.  We're gonna be in a rehearsal studio for 3 hours tonight, going over some new tunes (as well as some old ones).  I'm excited for a number of reasons:
  • Haven't played in a "band" setting in a frighteningly long time
  • Haven't seen these guys in years
  • They're still awesome
  • Finally get to try out my new guitar pedal in a proper context
2. Watched some movies this weekend. 
  • Speed Racer in Blu-Ray, which is probably how this film should be experienced.  I missed it in the theaters, as did the rest of America, and I never particularly cared for the cartoon when I was a kid, so my expectations were rather low.  And so, to that end, if you watch Speed Racer not as a big-budget action film but as a live-action cartoon, and you're watching on a nice HDTV screen, you will, to borrow a phrase from Patton Oswalt, ejaculate your central nervous system all over the wall.
  • Godfather 1 and 2 in Blu-Ray.  We should've done a comparison between the old DVD set and the new, but whatever; the Blu-Ray edition is pretty goddamned terrific.  I've seen both of these films many many times and during this viewing I noticed lots of things I never saw before.  If nothing else, it's pretty nice to not have to get up off the couch and switch discs during Part 2. 
    • Quick aside - The Godfather movies have a unique ability for making me hungry for whatever the characters are eating.  I want to dive into some of the pasta that Clemenza teaches Michael how to make;  I can smell the Chinese food at the table while the Corleones wait for the call to drive Michael to Luigi's restaurant in the Bronx; I can especially taste the sausage and cheese that DeNiro munches on, right before he gets let go at the Abbadando grocer.  DISCUSSION QUESTION:  What movies make you hungry? 
3.  Currently reading The Corrections, which I was inspired to pick up after DFW's death, as quite a lot was made of DFW's friendship with Franzen.  It's very good, although it's also somewhat painful to get through - these characters are all so fucking miserable.

4.  Currently playing the XBLA version of Duke Nukem 3D, one of my all-time favorites.  I gotta say - it still holds up.  Yeah, the graphics are vintage 1996, but still - the single player level design is as inspired now as it was then.

5.  Shit is about to get crazy; we have 3 weddings and a memorial service coming up over the next 5 weeks.  Good thing I just bought a suit.